Restorative Dentistry


Restorative dentistry will repair the damage

As a result of accident, genetics, lifestyle choices and sometimes because of the presence of oral bacteria, mouth and teeth suffer.

Restorative dentistry is the repair of such damage and generally an x-ray will be used to locate the area and the extent of the problem.

The thing to remember is that, because of the advances in restorative dentistry, you don't have to live with unsightly teeth.

Your choice of treatments in Restorative Dentistry may include the following:


This tooth coloured material performs very well in the mouth for small to medium size cavities. However for a much larger build up, porcelain fillings or crowns are more suitable because they can take a much heavier bite, have better wear resistance and last longer.

Dental Crowns

When the remaining part of your tooth is getting too thin to support a large filling, Macarthur Dental may suggest a crown.

Mostly made from porcelain or metal with porcelain overlay, a crown looks very much like your tooth and is crafted to fit over your entire tooth perfectly. This option is more durable than a filling and is able to take a stronger bite.


This is a series of multiple crowns joined together into one unit and can be a great option to replace one or multiple missing teeth.

One advantage of bridge over denture is comfort. As it is cemented onto your teeth it feels and functions like one of your own.

Dental implants

Where appropriate, implants can be the most conservative way to replace a missing tooth or teeth as it does not require placing crowns on neighbouring teeth for support.

The Titanium screw is directly implanted into the jaw bone as an anchor for the crown to sit on. This surgical procedure is undertaken by our specialist surgeon. Macarthur Dental concentrates on what we do best, fitting you with a realistic looking tooth!


Sometimes, for many reasons, denture may be the best option. Macarthur Dental is very particular about making sure the replacement acrylic tooth blends well with the rest of the mouth.

Sometimes the shape of your face might even dictate the shape and size of the acrylic teeth we select. It’s all about making it look real.

Root canal therapy

This involves removing all infected nerve tissue inside a tooth in order to save the tooth. This procedure might span out over 2-3 visits to be certain all infection has been eliminated.

As a general rule, this tooth can be “dried out” and more prone to fracture. We often suggest a crown to protect it over the long term.