Dental Hygiene


Dental Hygiene - prevention is always better than cure

Breaking the cycle of dental disease is the lynch pin of the Macarthur Dental philosophy of dental care.

Macarthur Dental is unapologetic about introducing a system of appointments and follow-up appointments in the dental care of patients.

This system, called the Macarthur Dental’s Continuing Care Program, involves seeing patients at least every six months.

It is responsible for, not only treating and overcoming dental problems but helping to eliminate future teeth and gum problems by incorporating regular cleanings and check-ups as part of general dentistry.

Make teeth and gum problems a thing of the past

The education provided to patients of Macarthur Dental mean that they are more aware of what is involved in good oral hygiene.

Eating nutritional food, maintaining a balanced diet, protecting teeth and gums from bacteria, correctly brushing and flossing are all strategies taught by Macarthur Dental to assist patients with teeth and gum problems and help them avoid serious and costly dental procedures in the future.

The pursuit of oral health

You too can learn how to have better oral health by talking to the staff at Macarthur Dental. Only by attending to your dental hygiene will you be able to take the journey to oral health and put your teeth and gum problems behind you.

After your initial comprehensive examination, as well as having your oral cancer screening, you will know whether you are pre-disposed to getting bacteria that cause cavities.

You will also know the major issues you face and be re-assured that Macarthur Dental will properly focus on these issues so that you achieve a long lasting healthy smile going forward.

Looking good, feeling good

There are so many things dental hygiene strategies can do for you but, best of all, by following the advice you will receive from Macarthur Dental you will need less invasive dental procedures – less drilling, less dentist time.